VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 22

March 5, 2017

In this month's episode, we discuss a few betas that have happened.  We go on to talk about the newly released games of Halo Wars 2 and Horizon: Zero Dawn.  Chris goes on a very passionate discussion about the latest news from Bungie about Destiny 2.  We then finish with games with gold, Xbox Game Pass, and some questions from the audience.  Hope you all enjoy!


VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 21

February 5, 2017

We're back!  In this episode of the VAHOMA Podcast, we discuss what we have been playing over the past few months.  We discuss Gears of War 4 without Spoilers.  We talk about the Switch and Scorpio news.  We talk about upcoming games, movies, and concerts we are looking forward to for the year.  We finish by doing a Theme Song Challenge.

The Theme Song Challenge is where Tim chose 31 TV show theme songs, played them for the guys, and they had to guess the show.  Enjoy!


VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 20

November 25, 2016

This is the last episode for 2016.  We will be back first part of January 2017.

In this episode, we discuss Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, Gears of War 4, Infinite Warfare beta.  We give a pretty fun Destiny experience.  We talk about our favorite party games on Xbox.  We then discuss the announcements of Nintendo Switch and Red Dead Redemption 2.  We finish with 2 audience questions.  Thanks for listening!


VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 19

October 29, 2016
Well we are back! Sorry for the delay in posting this episode. Things had come up.  We recorded this episode on October 15, 2016 for context.

In this episode - Tim, Andrew, Chris, and Agent M talk about what they have been playing. We then talk quickly about Mafia 3, Gears of War 4, the last Black Ops 3 DLC, Destiny's Rise of Iron, and finish with PlayStation VR talk.

Sorry for the missing in September. We had a lot of things that came up that conflicted with schedules.

VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 18

August 30, 2016

In this month's episode, we discuss what we have been playing. We then go over our most disappointed game, take a question from a listener, and talk board games. We finish by playing a card game called "Quick and Dirty" that was fun. We won't have a September episode due to scheduling conflicts. We will be back in October. Thanks for listening.


VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 17

July 24, 2016

In this month's episode of the VAHOMA Podcast we talk about what we are playing.  We discuss the news that Rocket League is ready to have Xbox and PlayStation together and all that is needed is Sony's approval. We go over the news of Bioshock Collection.  We talk about the really cool NES Classic Edition and the games that are coming on it. We talk a little about Halo Wars 2 and finish with talking about the most underrated game. Enjoy!


VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 16

June 26, 2016

In this episode, Tim, Andrew, and Chris breakdown all the news from the E3 press conferences that happened this year. We go in order from EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony. Another good long episode. We hope you enjoy!

VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 15

May 29, 2016

The regular four are back together! In this episode we start by discussing what we have been playing, Fallout 4 DLC, and the latest Destiny update. After that, we took topics from the community of The Adult Gamer (TAG) and we answer most of them. They range for games like Doom, Quantum Break, and Uncharted 4 to PS Neo, VR, and all sorts of topics.  This was a really fun episode. Be sure to head to and check out the rest of our stuff and to see the video version of this episode.


VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 14

April 26, 2016
In this episode, we come to you from Boston for PAX East 2016! We recorded after each day to give a recap of what we had saw and played. We may have also gave some food reviews as well.

We played big titles like Overwatch and Gears of War 4. We played a bunch of indie titles such as Last Fight, Makazoo, and A Dual Handed Disaster: Trackher. We talked with some of the developers and got their reactions to the game. I just wish I had been smart enough to actually ask if I can record the interview. A goal for next year.

We talk about the panels we went to such as Kinda Funny, Major Nelson Radio, Mafia III, The Witcher, etc.

We had a ton of fun and I already can't wait to go back next year!


VAHOMA Podcast - Episode 13

March 6, 2016

Welcome to the VAHOMA Podcast!  In this episode, we discuss the games we've been playing from Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, Black Ops 3 to Rocket League and Fallout 4.  We then discuss the latest betas from Homefront and the Division.  We take a question from a listener and discuss our favorite arcade game and arcade memories.  We finish by playing a game called Lightning Reaction.  It's basically a sick game of musical chairs where the winner is fine but the other 3 get a nice shock in their hand.  As always, thank you for listening!